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More Than Just Cremations

At Angels for Pets, we understand dealing with the loss of a pet can be an extremely sad and overwhelming situation. We believe pets deserve the same respect as humans when they pass. That’s why we provide meticulous, caring and meaningful pet cremations for residents in Emerald. Cremations are a thoughtful and affordable way to remember your beloved pet for years to come!

If you’re struggling to cope with such a devastating loss, explore our extensive range of support services and networks. We can connect you with an experienced counsellor to help you journey through the process. To find out more about our pet cremation services, contact us on 0427 396 319.

Tombstone on Pet's Grave — Pet Cremations in Emerald, QLD
Pet Graves in the Sand — Pet Cremations in Emerald, QLD

How We Can Help

We individually cremate all pets to ensure they are treated with dignity—even after their passing. Whether you plan on spreading their ashes through their favourite place, a cremation will give you the freedom to choose what happens to your four-legged friend after they have passed. We offer four unique pet cremation packages, including:

Each package can come with a paw print, fur clipping, photo and cremation certificate. If you need anything further, simply give us a call and discuss your requirements—we’re more than happy to help! We will pick up your pet from the vet (weight limits of 60kg apply), cremate them individually and then return them back to you or your vet.

Once we have collected the pet from the vet, we will send you an email confirmation. Invoices are sent within two days and cremation is provided upon the receipt of payment. The pet will be returned to the vet within 10 – 12 business days after full payment has been received.

Individual Cremation

At Angels for Pets, we cremate each pet individually. Your Emerald pet will be treated with dignity and respect; we treat each pet like it’s our own.

Support Service

Connect with experienced counsellors in Emerald to help transition through the passing of your beloved pet. We’ll put you in touch with the right support networks.

Handling Grief

Dealing with the death of a pet shouldn’t be something you do alone. At Angels for Pets, we’ve put together a series of tips to help people in Emerald deal with the grief of a deceased pet.

Our Packages

We offer four individual pet cremation packages for clients in Emerald. We will collect your pet from the vet and provide you with their ashes in an urn or scatter box as well as a fur clipping, paw print and cremation certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pet cremation is performed through the use of an incinerator. The body of the animal is placed in the incinerator and exposed to intense heat, which reduces the body to ashes. The ashes are then collected and placed into an urn or scatter box and returned to the owner.

Yes, certain crematoriums allow for pet owners to attend the cremation of their pet. It’s best to check with your desired crematorium to ensure this is something they allow.

Pet cremation is a more affordable and environmentally-friendly option than traditional burial. It also allows for pet owners to have a physical reminder of their pet, which can be very comforting during tough times. Pet cremation is fast becoming common among people of all walks of life as it is a clean, professional and affordable process.

Pets of similar weights can produce different amounts of ashes due to bone density, bone structure, cremation temperature, time and processing as well as if any items are cremated with the pet.