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Has your beloved pet recently passed away? Here at Angles for Pets, we specialise in thoughtful and respectful pet cremations on the Capricorn Coast. Cremations are a meaningful way to keep a physical memory of your four-legged friend. We understand dealing with the grief of a pet passing is stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we also offer a range of support services and helpful tips.

Whether you want to spread your pet’s ashes in their favourite place in Yeppoon or their favourite beach near Emu Park, cremations allow you to give your pet a special final ceremony. To explore our range of packages, get in touch on 0427 396 319.

Four Dog Paw Prints on the Sand — Pet Cremations in Capricorn Coast, QLD
White Flowers on a Dog's Grave — Pet Cremations in Capricorn Coast, QLD

Our Cremation Packages

We offer a variety of pet cremation packages to ensure we cater to the needs of all our Capricorn Coast clients. Our packages can include photographs and cremation certificates, fur clippings, paw prints and much more. We will pick up your pet from the vet (weight limits of 60kg apply), cremate them individually and then return them back to you or your vet. Our four cremation packages include:

After we have collected the pet from the vet, we will send you an email confirmation. Invoices are sent within two days and cremation is provided upon the receipt of payment. The pet will be returned to the vet within 10 – 12 business days after full payment has been received.

We will work directly with you to ensure whatever package you choose includes everything your pet deserves.

Individual Cremation

For respectful individual pet cremations on the Capricorn Coast, choose Angels for Pets. We cremate each pet in their own chamber to ensure they are respected on their final journey.

Support Service

Handling the passing of a pet can be a stressful and sad time. We can connect you with experienced counsellors in Rockhampton to help you transition through this difficult period.

Handling Grief

Our team has put together a series of tips to help you handle the grief of a passing pet. We understand the death of your pet can be extremely overwhelming. These helpful tips aim to help people on the Capricorn Coast deal with this grief.

Our Packages

Discover our four unique pet cremation packages on the Capricorn Coast, where your pet will be individually cremated. We can provide you with a cremation certificate, fur clippings, a paw print and return the ashes to your vet in an urn or scatter box.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to scatter ashes is by using an urn with a lid, take them to your selected location and just tip the ashes out. Make sure that you don’t go near running water or watercourses as it may cause disruptions in the ecosystem.

People cremate their pets for many reasons, such as to have a physical reminder of their pet, to have their pet’s ashes buried with them when they die or to scatter the ashes in a meaningful place. Pet cremations are a meaningful way to create an ever-lasting memory of your beloved pet.

Most animals can be cremated. These include cats, dogs, rodents, fish and birds. Larger animals, such as horses and cows, are usually cremated individually.

Yes. Many crematoriums allow for personal belongings of the pet to be cremated with them. This may include a favourite blanket or toy.

Pet Cremations on the Capricorn Coast